Luis Vargas

by Luis Vargas

I want to talk about what’s going on right now with all these cops killing innocent black people. I don’t understand how come the system is design for cops to kill or hurt anyone n get away with this shit. What makes them exempt?? they been doing this for decades. if I was in the streets n I kill someone wether I’m right or wrong I’m the worst n they will charge my ass quick as they blink. n the prosecution will be pushing for the death once again what makes these cops exempt?? they bleed just like us n last time I check they ain’t nobody perfect in this world. So why does it take for us blacks n Latinos to protest to be heard. do we have to start killing these racist cops for them to get the point that enough is enough. this shit goes on in here in the prison system also.I’m from new York n I witness racism with the cops.even here in prison when they tells us write the c\o up n when we do these motherfuckers still don’t do shit. but as soon as we can’t take no more n we lay hands on them they want to charge us with assault n they beat our asses so bad. but the corruption in here is so bad they cover up everything.this has to change. I feel like until the system don’t makes a change and whether is a correction officer or a police officer n they start getting charge n PROSECUTED like they do the rest of us they won’t learn. they have to feel what we going thru. it has to hit them or home so they can feel our pain. they have to start prosecuting these officers n make them do real time. make them pay for there actions. just like the regular civilians do. Also it has to start with these corrupted n racist judges n prosecutors. I feel like they should start paying with jail time when they let all these cops get away with this shit. but are quick to throw an innocent person behind bars.
All I ask of my peoples let’s protest in peace but please we don’t need to be tearing our city down..please. let us be heard n don’t give these racist motherfuckers more to talk about. if you want to reach me n talk about this n more hit me up please.. Luis Vargas a636959 on
u all have a wonderful day peace n blessings to u all .. keep ya mask on remember there is still a pandemic out there …much love..

Luis Vargas #a636959
p.o box 788
Mansfield Ohio 44901
email: jpay

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