Bennie Lackings

Stop the Silence, by Bennie Lackings

It seems that some people just don’t understand that if you are neutral in a situation of injustice then you have joined sides with the oppressor…..
Whenever someone is being mistreated, it’s our duty on this planet as representatives of God to say or do whatever is necessary to stop it.
So many lives could have been saved if one person, whether it’s a concerned citizen or policeman would just step up to say ‘stop’….
We all know that there are good cops as well as bad ones.But for some reason, many officers had developed a habit of turning their heads or assisting their work partners in their evil endeavors to hurt innocent people….
We are seeing the initials ‘BLM” all over…. Yes, Black lives do matter. In truth, life matters…. We are to do everything in our power to preserve life on this planet, so we should never take it upon ourselves to kill innocent people…. And we should never just stand there and watch someone lose their lives for no reason at all. Especially, if you have the authority to stop it !!!!!!!!
Racism exists, and it’s still going to be around. But God’s people have got to become more active in this world. When you see someone being oppressed it’s our job to intervene.For we represent The Divine, so let’s bring a little divine intervention to the table…
Fact is, it’s already happenning. The protests, riots,etc,,,, But eventually, once the police force cleans it’s laundry they will be patrolling the streets again with serving and protecting in mind… Let’s pray that they do….
And for the record, if ‘you,the people’ see a Blackman walking through your neighborhoods or sleeping in their car, etc… Don’t be so quick to think negative about that person to the point that you find yourself calling the police just because ‘ he looks suspicious’……. A man lost his life a few days ago just because he was sleeping in his car, and nobody took it upon themselves to walk up to the brother’s car window to check on him… Instead, they called the police on him and he lost his life…
A lot of people claim not to like or trust the police, but they are surely quick to call for them. And there is such thing as a ‘citizen”s arrest’… Why do people just stand around with their phones recording the incidents, when you have a right to tell an officer to “STOP” ???? That brings us back to the old wise saying that I’ve inherited from St. Augustine…… “If you are neutral in a situation of injustice, then you have joined sides with the oppressor”…..

Bennie Lackings
DOC #326869

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