Jibreel Vaughn

Reconstruction and Evolution, by Jibreel Vaughn

Looking at American history after the civil war and the emancipation of black slaves, the country made an attempt to put it horrors behind but white supremacist would not have that. Generation. after generation, blacks had to pick themselves up off the ground and continue with their resilient behavior.
There would never be enough raping of the women, the lynching of the men, and the selling the people into bondage, except that the people will time and time again show up to show out and support their people. This is to be expected so please don’t convict angry black america for the way they take out their frustrations, even if it is against the community’s property. After all, our history shows that Blacks built this country anyway.
With the recent death of Rayshard Brooks in Atlanta by the hands of law enforcement, again, we find ourselves facing the same story line-Blacks rebelling against the police, Blacks behaving disorderly and as a result, an unarmed black man dies. How can legitimate reconstruction occur when one race or fraction of a racist system continues its dominance and senselessly kill off blacks as if they were trophies?
Blacks need time to heal, growth, and evolve as a community in this country.
The world as a whole has seen America’s true colors. Its citizens, black, white, and brown have seen enough and want change from top to bottom.
We write, we blog, we march, and we conversate and still we can’t evolve. We need the entire country to condem the behavior of those who feel like they are above the law.
Please Black and Brown men, be smarter, learn your rights, and move in society with awareness, caution, and dignity. Stay safe, speak your mind and fight for what is righteous. PEACE!!

Jibreel Vaughn #312079
P.O Box 861
Trenton, NJ 08625

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