Johnnie Harris

Comedy (part 5), by Johnnie Harris

its some things in life I just don’t understand like fat people trying to wear skinny jeans. I remember one time I was walking past a crack head and he was just staring at the sky I’m like nigga you cool, he said you know how people can’t look at the sun, will I can without blinking. I remember one time I seen a crack head get shot and start doing pushups. the other day I’m working out we are in cages so its two dudes on both sides of me. so they cell banging. now if you ever hear someone in jail say they got they chocolate glock nigga run they talking about a bottle of shit!!! will I didn’t know what this dude was talking about but I found out quick. so they start arguing and dude say nigga i got my chocolate glock I’m so dumb I ask him you got a gun? he start laughing and say yeah this motherfucker ain’t got no safety. as I’m doing some pushups I see something brown fly past my face,he than fired the chocolate glock at the other dude I immediately covered my ears and screamed like that was gone stop something. just when I thought shit couldn’t get any worse the other dude dug in his ass and grabbed some shit balls and it was a full blown shoot out. I’m trying to crawl to the other side of the rec cage to safety, singing Jesus loves me yes I know,for the bible tells me so. I asked my mom why do she think I’m special,she said because the shit I say I can get a check. like onetime I had a therapist and he asked me what I want to be when I get older i told him I wanted to be a low top Nike Jordan classic tennis shoe. my mom and him looked at each other and start falling out they chair rolling on the floor laughing. I said so much for professionalism,and I’m special!!! I remembered my mhl in here asked me what I want to be when I go home, I looked at her rubbed my chin for a couple seconds and said an ass naked ninja.

Johnnie Harris
DOC #664626

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