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Live from M.D.O.C, by Harvey Banner

drip drip come through drippin
Tre enters the area where everyone irons their clothes and sees wet wet what up doe? You get what you was lookin for with them bottles? yeah yeah you 269 that s#!+ soakin wet. but first I got to turn the rabbit ears then I can get that giraffe fixed, got coat fo 25! dog its 75° who wearin a coat?what you up to wet wet? if you need to make some money? I got a job for you. drippin wet I 269 that ass says wet wet! Okay look let’s go holla at Harv…….. Tre takes wet wet to meet Harv, Harv works in the kitchen and has access to lots of things….. What up doe? ask Harv. I got the hookup dog nuts gonna run for us, says Tre. He need to know how to move.
Aye, you sure he can move this and not get knocked ask Harv. I’ll 269 that s#!+ with a lil dirty! says wet wet!!
What is he sayin,says Harv??
Well its only one way to find out. Hey wet wet there is one rule and that’s if you get jammed up don’t mention my name! got it! Yup! on the 269 I’m ah leave that $#it soakin responds wet wet. Everyday when you come to breakfasts tell them you got a diet meal okay, then I will come out and hand you a package with a breakfast burrito take the package back to Tre same thing at lunch. So I’ll see you in the morning don’t be dragging ass either come in the middle. How much you want to do this i will pay you half now and the rest when we done. How much?? I dunno? Look I’m a give you 30 coffee’s now and 30 when we done! wet wets eyes lit up 30 coffees is like 100$. 269 that ass and 313 hella dirty dirty nahmean! I’ll pay now Tre give him the rest when we done.
Harv gives wet wet 2quarts of concentrated Orange juice everyday mon- Fri at breakfast and 3lbs of sugar at lunch after this is enough to make 10 gallons of drink 15 if they stretch and use fruit and potato and they will. so wet wet goes back to his unit waiting for his pay Harv tells Tre if you think he can move more I will increase his amount next week you got the starter? yeah says Tre okay but tell me this how do you understand what he be sayin? ask Harv I dont says Tre and they both laugh. The process worked after the first day Harv took the juice and added sugar and a partially cooked potato to it put it in a bag and hid it in the ceiling next to a heat vent after the fifth day he added the rest of the juice and sugar. this time there was a more intricate process before closing the bag there was a hose placed into it so it could vent the other end of the hose was placed into the air shaft after ten more days it was time to sell. and another batch was already halfway done.
wet wet goes to Tre say 313 ain’t dry its two weeks and my drip drip all gone or what,ask wet wet? What?, responds Tre
t w o!! weeks, and Juan Valdez still movin but that ol mule gettin tired!! aint no chicken!The mule gettin tired???? ask Tre Juan Valdez??
What the heck are you saying?? Oh $h!t!!! its been two weeks and you looking to get your chicken oh yeah its poppin today I got to get these bottles together and you can get your money if you help me bottle this up I’ll give you four bottles and your money at the same time as I move these ( a horn sounds ) oh snap its emergency count we gotta go just as wet wet leaves the room que pokes his head in hey they gonna do a shakedown don’t know what units though you better hurry! LOCKDOWN!!! EVERYBODY LOCKDOWN!!!!
yells Eugene……. TBC

Harvey Banner#362241@ jpay.com or

Harvey Banner #362241
Lakeland Correctional Facility
141 First Street
Coldwater, Mi. 49036

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