Matthew Newton


Hello everyone,

So much is happening around the globe, so much unrest and uncertainty. So many people unsure of how they will feed their children or provide for their families. So many of us questioning what it means to be who we are or to appreciate others for who they are and where we all come from.

With so much hate, doubt, injustice, civil disobediance creeping into our daily lives it is easy for all of us to forget what it means to be Human.

The answer is simple. Love. That is and has always been our greatest strength. We are better as a whole and will only ever acheive greatness together if we find that strength in one and other, and begin to love each other for it.

Don’t be so afraid to be you. Being you is the reason we are who we are. But, if you can find a way to be you and love others around you for being them, then maybe the next time something threatens our entire planet we won’t have such a hard time defending against it, because we will have found a way to stand together.

Being Human isn’t just a fact of exsistance, it’s a way of living as well.

DOC #81868

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