Jamar Myers

20/20 Vision, by Jamar Myers

You gotta keep 20/20 vision, don’t get blind sided by distractions or the haters, they just want to see you fail, they don’t want to see you make it, but you worked too hard and came too far so you gotta press on.

With a goal in mind you make your plans, I call it the blue print. It builds the structure which solidfies the foundation. Now look at what you created.

All it took was vision and a lot of ambition mixed with a little dedication. Its a true revelation, you can call it tunnel vision. So keep ya eyes focused and ya mind steady. Cause 20/20 vision can sometimes get blurry.

So no left or right turns because that’s just a detour, gotta stay on course, can’t lose direction because that’s how you lose the vision. Next comes collision.

So keep 20/20 vision

To commit, talk, or contact me directly by email you can download the JPAY App and set up a account, and add me to your account, all you need is my SBI number which is: 000830254c

or you can write me:

Jamar Myers, sbi #000830254c
Northern State Prison. (N.S.P.)
P.O. Box 2300
168 Frontage Road.
Newark, New Jersey 07114

To see more of my writing check out some of my post on my Facebook

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