Leon Lampkins

Spontaneous Perception, by Leon Lampkins

First let me reintroduce myself because the last time I blogged it was 5/23/18. Hopefully no hard feelings, I tend to fluctuate under these circumstances; it can be challenging at times. I am currently serving 62 years for multiple armed robbery and possession of a firearm. No excuses, I take full responsibility for my actions. In the beginning it was hard. It felt as if my life was over, but I survived. Since we’re on the topic of survival it’s only right I give reference to what I feel society is missing. It’s wasn’t until I sat down with The Maker and asked for forgiveness that my life took a turn. If you are sincere the transition from being ungrateful, to appreciating what you are given in life is beautiful. It’s crazy how we forget who’s in charge until our Maker sits us down. I didn’t understand in the beginning but now I know. We live in a society based on wealth, “That Mighty Dollar, In God We Trust.” Do we truly share this belief? How thankful I am to be in this position. As I mention in my first blog, I feel like everyone should have to serve a sentence, similar to jury duty. I can’t count the numerous nights spent in the cell crying in search of answers. On the verge of self destructing, but instead becoming more in touch with self. With that said I must ask those of you listening, what has happen to us? I thought with the pandemic a lot would change but unfortunately it hasn’t. People more concerned about a dollar than their well being. What sense does that make if you’re no longer here to spend it? Back to this slogan, “In God We Trust.” Do we truly trust Him? Believe it or not the answer to this question lies here with us incarcerated. Most people label prison a place of punishment but in all actuality it’s more so a sanctuary, a place of healing, depending on how you utilize it. Find somewhere silent and don’t budge, I guarantee in the process you’ll begin to detox. What more is there to see? We’re running out of time! I appreciate those of you who shared a ear. In closing, all credit is due to God. Only through Him was I able to share this.

“Knowledge comes from without, wisdom comes from within.” Unknown

Leon Lampkins
DOC #1063952

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