Reformation, by Sean Brown

Reform = to shape anew; make over; take on a new/different state [of being].
Are You satisfied with Btw person You are? Are You where You want to be? If not, what’s preventing You from getting to Your destination? We know that old saying” It’s insanity to do the same thing over & over expecting different results.” Well, in a practical sense, if We’re not where We want to be (mentally, financially, spiritually, physically, etc.) by doing what We’re doing, then it’s only logical that something must change in order to get the results We want. What are You willing to do differently in order to reshape the reality You experience?
What if all it takes to change the world is for You to change Your Mind?
If the progression from hate & fear to Love is all just a matter of time,
Then help Me understand why over the past few millennia We’ve destroyed so much of Our Selves collectively to the point where We’re morally blind.
“Suicidal Souls” has become the alias for mankind,
And Hope’s transformed into a mythical tale no one even wants to be true.
So, with that being the case, tell Me what’s a Man to do??
What if You took a quantum leap into Your opponent’s life & experienced His Point-of-View,
Would You still judge & condemn what He holds dear just because it doesn’t agree with You?
What if We set aside Our differences to embrace what We have in common,
Would We still be so quick to destroy & kill with no regard & become another problem?
See, reflection is a mandate that’s embedded in Man’s Soul,
And that compelling need drives Us towards understanding Life’s Goal!

DOC #1083630

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