racism & equality

2020 Vision, by Steve Nall

What we are seeing all across the United States especially in Atlanta Georgia, with the resignation of Chief Shield, and in Minneapolis, with the arrest of the officers in the murder of George Floyd, is called accountability. With the influx of videos via phones and body cams we can see the traumatic incidents of police brutality that has continued to plague our nation.

Police departments and institutions all over the US are being held accountable for the reprehensible actions, systemic racism, and prejudice that are killing our nation’s People of Color. In my opinion, these same problems are also a class issue that have caused the mass incarceration of our nations people also referred to as “The New Jim Crow.”

Within the northwest state of Washington Department of Corrections [prisons] lives a subsociety of our nation. Unfortunately and to the relief of the WA DoC, there is no accountability for the racism that lives here. Washington DoC not only tolerates but allows this racism to thrive. This is the last place in our nation that racism is openly encouraged and where accountability is nonexistent. Lets not sugarcoat it: everything from phones, showers, the cells we live in, and tables are racially segregated. And are no policies, nor plans for policies, to cease this behavior. Race riots occur on a quarterly time-frame within Washington DoC and nothing is done to prevent them.

This the first of many topics I plan to write about and why I say #DefundWashingtonDOC Lets make 2020 the Year of Accountability within our nation’s institutions.
#StarsBehindBars Co-founder: Steven Nall

Steve Nall
DOC #888160
Washington Correction Center

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