Harvey Banner

Social Justice (#2), by Harvey Banner

The opposition to Khap taking a knee is the start of the riots from the past few days had there been someone in position of power to ASK “What’s it gonna take for you to have your grievances resolved” Let us remember when the professor was arrested for entering his own house he and the arresting officer was invited to the white house and sat and talked yet since 1619 there has been a direct assault on the descendants of Africa so now in 2020 how can we say to ourselves that we are advocates for peace justice and equality while men women childres are being murdered by the very people employed to serv and protect. Again I say Khap took a knee to bring more awareness to the situation and he has never worked again and our very own president called him and those with him sons of Bitches yet there are excuses being made for why 4 white officers 3 of whom had taken a knee on the body of George Floyd one of whom had his knee on the neck of George Floyd until he died Khap took a knee and people during the national anthem and people called for him to be fired and some even threatened his life yet after taking a knee on a mans body until he dies and no one wants to hold the people accountable who are responsible It takes 24hrs for any Blackman to be arrested for 1° murder on the word of someone yet we have video of a murder and not only did it take a while but he started with the lowest charge the prosecutor needs to be fired the DA needs to be fired take account of how many black men were charged with the highest end we are charge with the highest and the hope to plea us down to something lower now you want the riots to stop its simple
CHARGE ALL INVOLVED WITH FIRST DEGREE MURDER AND CONVICT THEM or stop asking for the looting to stop people who loot see looting as the only way to exact retribution for debts owed since you don’t pay judiciously then you pay financially its that simple the questions that need to be asked at this point is why why has the others involved not been charged why didn’t charges come immediately why are they STILL refusing to charge them.
What’s evident is its time for a new regime millennials its your time for leaderships there are no reason why our lives should be govern by people who can’t relate to modern times. Until police take a stand against your fellow officers who break the rules takes courage we get it but to stay silent while it happens changes the title of your groups from POLICE to GANG so tell me what makes being a police different from those you arrest when you do the same #ACAB until you stand and separate yourselves from your fellow officer who murder, steal, rape, bully, any citizen who live in the community for those who call for peaceful protest
NO JUSTICE NO PEACE!!!!! #by any means lawlessness by police leads to lawlessness in the streets when you get your people to stop the lawlessness then we will get our people to.stop the lawlessness
never forget
Eric Garner
Tahir Rice
Mike Brown
Brionna Taylor
George Floyd will be the last.

Harvey Banner
DOC #362241

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