Jonathan Banks

Mere Thoughts, by Jonathan Banks

Stuck in times where it feels like the world has finally gone crazy.In comparison to a life I once lived,how is it possible to ever feel like you should be glad that you have been placed in a controlled environment….?
At the same time those who are free,but not free feel similar ways of pain being stripped of their freedom.Who can find peace within their existing towards any of this….?
Fight a virus or fight each other…Or fight with a virus,at each other!?!Where has the common since gone with working with each other to fight against something that is nondiscriminatory in works to destroy age,ethinicty,shape,size,badge,without badge,animal or human…?
Many thoughts cause suffering confusion to the reality in the extent of which way people choose to live…When has the theory of the irrational belief(It won’t happen to me!!!)ever been proven in any meaningful moralization???

In standing of the theory of that irrational belief, is there peace???Or is it just a smoke screen to fool who we are to be???

Jonathan Banks
DOC #AD2935


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