James DeWitt

Journey Through Doorways, by James DeWitt

Life’s obstacles are God’s unique tactics for improving you. The completion of each obstacle presents itself as a Doorway for what’s next.
God is the Master Orchestrator. Each person’s journey is known by the Father and is outfitted with pathways that places them in front of the people and in front of the places that God’s Will hold for them. While its often asked amongst believers “why am I going through this?”, its understood that everything you experience now is to be used for God’s glorification in what comes next. Where is our Patience? We don’t look through the eyes that God sees from so we don’t see all the principles included in the obstacles we endure. In high school as a freshman, you don’t see how the lessons you learn in the year applies to what you will be confronting in the next, however when you get there revelation comes and you’re able to see why you were given the previous things. Doorways are similar because you don’t see how what you’re going through behind one can aid you in what’s behind the next. I’ve learned that the way you feel about a thing is based on how you see a thing. Simply changing the way you see a thing will change the way you feel about it. God wants us to trust that He’s intentional. He intends for us to go through the present obstacles to get the things necessary for what’s to come. The beauty of it is that He’s never going to leave you going through obstacles on your own. Never. He is the One that will never put more on you than you can bare. He is the One that knows your beginning and your end. He is the One who will be there at every Doorway you face in life. Remember that going through what you’re going through is shaping, molding, conditioning, and preparing you for the Doorway that lies ahead. Get everything out of now to be best fitted for then, and know that He is with you always.

James DeWitt
DOC #1007872

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  1. I needed to see this today. Your words are encouraging. Hope this finds someone else that is in need of reading this. Be blessed.


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