Justin Luark

Why is Time Slowing Down, by Justin Luark

hello people, i am currently a inmate at grafton correctional institution in the state of Ohio. i go home in october and time is startingn to go by super slow. theres not many things to do to utilize my time during this corona pandemic and how much they got this compound locked down.. im nnot gonna lie tho, i am very nervous to come home. ive only been in here a few years but as we all see this world is turning upside down as i speak.. so crazy lol. i dont have many people to talk to lately and its really getting to me. im a people person and like chating back and forth, mostly on the phone but jpay works too if the institution would keep up on the maintnence.
i cant wait to go home and be the best dad i possibly can. my son is all i got and i cant wait to meet him and hold him., i have not been able to see him due to me being incaserated in a different state. so thats my main objective when i go home. my next objective is o find a woman to spend my life with. im tired of soul searchiing and loving so hard each time that i always end up getting screwed in the end. i pray every night that things just work out for me.
i gave up the old life style and have commited to changing for my son and myself.

Justin Luark
DOC #A748601

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