racism & equality


I love what you all are doing, that whole spirit of rebellion is the American way. Its the same energy that America used to gain its independence from Great Britain. So no fault there. The spirit of rebellion is really Making America Great Again(MAGA). Its allowing the prejudice and hateful to be exposed(Petal Mississippi Mayor Hal Marx), placed under investigation, and even fired in some cases(Broward County Prosecutor Amy Bloom). Because what’s in their hearts, is being revealed thanks to you all. Also, let’s not overlook the diversity and all the cities and countries that have joined us in the struggle for justice. You got protesting and rioting jumping off in majority white cities(Des Moines, Iowa and Salt Lake City, Utah) and countries(New Zealand, Ireland, Denmark, and Germany). Mayors(San Francisco and Norman, Oklahoma), Police Chiefs(New York and Norman, Oklahoma), police officers(Camden,N.J.) and celebrities(Jamie Foxx, Halsey,Kendrick Sampson, Trae Young) joining us on the front line. Twenty years ago this was unheard of. We were out here alone. Y’all even got Micheal Jordan and Tiger Woods to speak publicly. How y’all do that! You know how long we been trying to get them to speak LOL. On top of that, they fired all four officers! Twenty years ago, they would have been on paid administrative leave or desk duty. America heard y’all. All that protesting, rioting, and tearing up shit is finally starting to pay off. So give yourself a round of applause. Now its time to let the justice system convict these clowns. And trust me, they already know its going to get ugly if they don’t do the Right thing for George Floyd, Breonna Taylor and Ahmaud Arbery. I’m more of a peaceful person myself, but I totally understand the need for bullshit, its in America’s blood. And you are all children of America, so I guess its safe to say we inherited it. The harsh reality is racism and prejudice in America will never end in our life time because its institutional and generational. However, we the people(protestors) can slowly infiltrate these institutions and change the narrative. There’s no cowards out here. And the majority of you protestors don’t have felonies. And you come from suburban and rural America. It’s time to channel that energy of rebellion into positions of power. We got to go in with our mask on, recording, audio and video of all the racist jokes and comments our colleagues are making. That’s how we honor the memories of those slain at the hands of racism and/or hatred. We(protestors) must go on a covert mission and infiltrate these racist institutions with justice, audio and video. That means we become police officers. In fact, I think I seen the Chief of police out here. Let’s find out what we got to do to get into the police academy. I rather have and trust someone burning police cars,rioting for the cause, and standing up to the police as my judge, prosecutor, city councilmen, police chief, mayor or state representative. So if you don’t have a felony please put yourself in a position to get our vote. That’s when our vote really count! When we put protestors and rioters in positions of power. That’s how we slowly make America the beautiful. All the protestors and rioters across the US, that don’t have a felony, WE NEED YOU!!!!! Get in positions of power, become a cop, become a judge, become a prosecutor, become a council member, become a mayor, become a state representative, become a governor, become a member of the state house, become a member of Congress, and help out the SQUAD(Rashida Tlaib, Ayanna Pressley, Ilhan Omar and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez) they can’t do it alone. Its time to rid America of the real virus racism. What’s the use in voting if we’re voting to preserve America the ugly. We got to vote our people(protestors) in and pray they maintain that spirit of rebellion. Never compromise. We must get our ideas into bills, legislation, and laws. We must change the legal standard for justifiable use of force by police. And when its”reasonable” or “necessary”. On top of this, we must end the “no knock” warrants. That’s how we change the song. Of course, many of us won’t live to see that song changed, because that song has been playing for centuries. So its going to take another century of infiltration. However, if we stay the course, our children’s children may just see America the beautiful. But we(protestors) must get in positions of power right now to begin the process. And last but certainly not least, I agree with Tiger Woods, education is the best path forward. But what kind of education is the question? We must pass on this knowledge of infiltration to our children. We must teach our children about the many injustices this country has placed upon people of color. For no other reason than their skin complexion. And we must make it perfectly clear to our children its okay to die about what you believe in. We can’t leave it up to these racist institutions of schooling to educate our kids about the real world. We must take charge. Now let’s get out of here and go get tested, because the corona is real. I love y’all. Spread the word.

DOC #477176

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