Dennis Tuck

Broken Promises, by Dennis Tuck

blog orgin #2

for my second orgins blog i’ll clarify their are state documents stateing i tried to kill a cop at age 6 (1981)and was placed on psycotropic mediction and institutional housing prior to my packed adoption(1983) not (1984)as staed in my first orgin’s blog.they the tucks wanted my sister and i was just a tag-a-long and records relfect this, as such greene county juvineal courts used this against me to protect childmolesting foster parents (knowingly)and this is the core reason 98% of my juvineal record is based on attecks on the sex offender’s (tucks) and not general society,that adopted me and my sister,court records still confirm i hold the longest stay in the juvineal jail in the history of greene county for defending myself and little girls from both foster parents(even children services knew they were sex offenders) and continued to send other little girls to them,this time i am not their to protect them,,,he robert tuck eventualy gets three months in (1993) for gross sexual imposition a misdomenor charge (more on that latter)

so adopted at age eight(1983)in jail at age nine(1984) more or less until twelve (1989)where after several suicide attempts in jail i was transfered to dettmer in tipp city (2-14-89)not for the suicide attempt but for flooding the judges chambers after a gaurd refused to feed me,while at dettmer in tipp city during a institutional outting two cops called us (rejects to society)where i assulted them,,end result i was transfered to millcreek in cincinnati where records state i was born in ashtabula?.turned thirteen (1989)at millcreek and became a full time heathen (more on that latter)i was transfered to st.joseph treatment center in dayton on (8-22-89) where i lived until a few months after my sevententh birthday(1992)i was returned to millcreek on (12-11-92) and shortly after transfered to specilzed foster care in wood county toledo(2-18-93)after being ther approx 35 days the police raided the facility due to allegations the program coordanator was molesting mentally ill children and he kills himself.leaving me homeless…as a result i was given a bogus c.c.w. charge and transfered back to greene county the funding county of my wood county toledo stay,leaving all of my property in wood county’s police investigation. i was released from juvienial jail to a independant living program in dayton on (4-21-93) i turned eighteen in their program(1993) and a month latter i was termanated from the program “because funding discuntinueddue to allegations (from the media)i was running a drug and prostitution ring from his home” end result i’m now homeless…

just a quick recap from birth to eighteen i have 17 different psychiatric diagnosis and have been on psycotropic medication since six(1981)raised in psy hospitals three of which have been shut down due to sex crimes on children,a mother accussed of selling me for $20,000 to a female sex offender,the tucks being sex offender’s with a petty conviction,and a dead program coordator and the commen thread is there all christian and the core reason i’m a heathen,my orgin blog #3 will begin my prision journey and the hows and why’s i’d like help to address it, and again i have it all documentd

dennis tuck #307870
po box 57
marion,ohio 43301

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