Alvatina Flucker

NATIONAL UPROAR: Leading By Example not Instruction, by Alvatina Flucker

I have not written in a long time……..
There really wasn’t much to say until now.

I sit here and watch the news every single day and I am sadden by the state of our nation.
We are in a historical pandemic, as well as another historical uprising.
I have to admit that our present leadership has lead us into this position and strong leadership can and will lead us out.
Who is that leader?
There’s strong leadership in each and every one of us!!!
Am I angry about George Floyd? ABSOLUTELY!!!
Am I angry about Ahmaud Arbery? YOU BETTER BELIEVE IT!!!
I am not just angry about what has happen to them, I am angry about the racial injustice as a whole.
I don’t want to jump all over the place, but racial injustice and poor leadership goes hand in hand.

No one sent out the National Guards, rubber bullets or tear gas when a protest in Michigan rallied with assault rifles, demanding that the Mayor open up the city.
However, unarmed peaceful protests about the unlawful killing of an unarmed, restrained black man, gaines the attention of the Government enough to deploy the National Guards and spearhead a uprising like none I’ve EVER heard of——NATIONWIDE!!!!!!

It is now time for a strong leader to stand up and call for peace and reuniting of this great Nation!

Rioting and looting are NOT the answers!
These actions makes us no better than the people that killed George or Ahmaud!

Now is the time to unite and change our community. Change our Government. Change our Political leaders.

No sense tearing up where we got to live.
Do something to change where we live that will last. That will make a difference. That we can leave with are children. That will inspire the next generation!


Any suggestions, comments or input contact me at:

Alvatina L. Flucker #507101
Homestead Correctional Institution
19000 SW 377th Street Suite #200
Florida City, FL 33034

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