Dwan Dillard

Introduction Blog, by Dwan Dillard

my name is D’Wan Dillard inmate #A682078 , I’m 23 years old ill be 24 this year in November . Ive been incarcerated since August of 2015 . I am serving an prison term of 11 years my outdate is 2029 but I am working hard at a judicial here in 2022 . a little more about me is that I come from a I guess you can say treacherous neighborhood . I’m from Cleveland Ohio and I’ve lived in Elyria Ohio before . I am the oldest son of 5 brothers .I love women , I am black African american , light brown eyes I’m 5’7 and weigh about 182lbs . I like working out , reading and learning everyday , I have a full body of tattoos literally I’m covered , not in a scary way . I’m on here hoping to be able to interact with new people from the outside world . its like were in two different dimensions at times , so I guess blogging will be exciting .
To contact me Add me on Jpay

Dwan Dillard
DOC #A682078

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