DENIED, by Demale Rogers

As the covid-19 has passed through me and nearly took me away from this plane of existence I’ve become more inquisitive about my health.I’ve already been battling high blood pressure.
I asked medical (who didn’t give me any medical aid in the first place) for a viral load test & a antibody test.I was told by nurses that “what I as asking for was above they pay grade?… and columbus isncalling the shots”No REALLY I WAS TOLD THAT!
I was told to kite the medical administrative person here at Marion correction institution which I did.And she said what the nurses said was correct!Wow however nothing was said of me receiving these test.Men who were negative were getting antibody test.However I was denied a viral load test but was told I was over the virus…..
How would they know?On top of that I was still having a cough,feeling weak and my blood pressure was WHAT THE FUCK ….From the nurse when she took it.
I was asked to lay down,stand up & sit when they retook my blood pressure.And was still high and NO I RECEIVED NO BLOOD PRESSURE MEDS OR EVEN SUGGESTED TO.
DEANIED AGAIN.what do I have to do die? I have too much living to do to die and I’m tired of being denied!
Your Brother and companion in tribulation

Demale Rogers #462-269
Marion correctional institution

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