Dennis Tuck

Broken Promises, by Dennis Tuck

blog orgin #1

as a us citizen it is my understanding that the most fundamental basic right in america are the rights to persue life,liberty,and happiness,and sadly by design of corrupt state officals and their ilk,this american dream as far as i’m concerned is a broken promise,for you see i am a norse-irish true blue american heathen man with core values and for the faint of heart i’ll add the disclaimer now that i’m not christian,democrate,junkie,maggit or other form of abomination, and therefor making me odd man out and expendable in the eyes of state officals and socity in ohio.i’ll tell you my life story as best and as accurate as i can and i’ll state upfront 95% of my commentary i have state documents to support,the remainder you’ll just have to judge my creditability by blunt honest reality vrs verbal gymnastics and all stories begin with a orgin story this is mine

i was born 7-14-75 in montgomery county ohio and my mother was a biker’s old lady (so to speak)and eventually landed in ashtabula where (here is where opipions differ one says my mother sold me for $20,000 to a woman who mortaged her house,the second i was stolen from my mother)result is ashtabula children services refuses even to this day to provide me a copy of the summary report due to police/fbi involvement, yet it is factual my birthplace was changed to ashtabula even when i was allready two(1977). i was returned to my mother’s custody after spending 2 years in a treatment center when she was proven adequte care at age 4 (1979)only to be left at a gas station resturant at age 5 (1980)with my sister while taking my brother to florida to flee the bike club…montgomery county children services placed me and my sister in greene county foster care and was later adopted at age 8 (1984) now records reveal that i hve three birth certificates two from montgomery county and one from ashtabula and court records as late as 2006 reconfirm these documents as factual and yet i’m still unable to retrieve these birth certificates for myself for some unknown reason…

so the importance of childhood development was clerly disregarded in my life yet laid the foundation for the man i’ve become..i have 44 years to cover in sections and this is the first and my orgin story with three birth certificates explained as best i can… stay tuned for orgin #2

Dennis Tuck #307870
po box 57
marion,ohio 43301

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