Changed for the Better,by Joshua Thomas

After 15 years at hard labor, I can honestly say prison molded me into this person I’d never thought in a million years I’d become.Just the things I do on a daily basis.Reading and trying to learn any and everything that I feel can benefit me moving forward in life.
Being humble through it all, and not complaining about things I have no control over.Being kind hearted,honest,loyal,and just being real about everything.Not just to others but most importantly,myself.
I’ve lied,cheated,done some horrible things in my past.But do it make me who I am today??No!!It made me this person I’ve been running from my entire life.Someone I was afraid to become because of how I thought people would look at me,or judge me in some form.
Life has it’s up’s and down’s.So when you fall all you can do is look back at past failures as a stepping stone to success.Honestly you have to believe in yourself.Believe you can do better despite the doubt from others,the hate,let downs you experienced.You have to see a better version of yourself.
Once that image is put into place and hard work follows.Noone has control over you.You can change,i did it….And it’s only for the better.And as you look back you realize your old ways did not work,all it did was lead you to your current situation.

Don’t change because you want people to look at you different,change for the better….

We can also send videos to each other too if you set the jpay account up.

Joshua Thomas
DOC #562311

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