The First True Love of My Life, by Roger Black Jr

My heart has been torn;
on my sleeve it’s been worn;
for the first true love of my life;
the one I should have made my wife;
we both had insecurities and fears;
which caused us to shed many tears;
I hated all of the arguing we did;
the hurt and pain could not be hid;
I wanted us to get it together;
she is now my only child’s mother;
not my motive to be with her in case you weren’t sure;
I should have thought of all of this before;
when I left, I left five hanging out to dry;
the door shut, and I began to cry;
I asked her to let me back in;
she was scared to do so then;
I put all the blame on her before;
but now I focus on my faults more;
we both carried many personal issues;
those issues caused us to feel the blues;
I don’t question the love she once had;
for ever doubting I feel so bad;
I regret not getting on one knee;
I wonder how things would now be;
I wish I would have explained all my fears;
she didn’t witness every time I shed tears;
she witnessed some of them but not all;
those fears are the main cause of our fall;
I was tired of the pain I felt and caused;
now I wish I would have just paused;
I should have pulled her close to me;
maybe our undying love would still be;
I would express my desire for us;
the desire to have things the way it was;
only without the arguing we did;
as I said, the pain could not be hid;
instead build on the love we had;
for this chance I would be so glad;
had I acknowledged my fault;
maybe our love wouldn’t have came to a halt;
I should have made her my wife;
she was the first true love of my life.

This is dedicated to my daughter’s mother, Ariana; who has remarried. She and I continue to carry a friendship, and share the love of our beautiful five year old daughter who is months from turning six! Thank you for the most precious gift I have ever been blessed with. Thank you for staying by my side through it all.

Roger S. Black Jr #729370
PO Box 740
London Ohio 43140
(email available through

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