Jibreel Vaughn


What I tend to highlight is the fact that so many older ex-street dudes watch the younger generation submerge themselves in the cold-hearted streets without any ‘pull-up’ and leave them to fend for ther very life. In the chapter entitled ‘The Fourth Deal,’ I write, “Although Malcolm X’s declaration of sticking to the script ‘by any means necessary’ was uttered over fifty years ago, it still remains relevant and a central theme to the struggle in Black and Latino communities. Much has changed since then. Now in poor communities you rarely find that old-head running a group of juveniles away because they were caught doing something mischievous and quickly going telling their parents.”

These are our realities in the hood. We need all hands-old and young, on deck!

Jibreel Vaughn
P.O. Box 861
Trenton, NJ 08625

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