Harvey Banner

Serikah (part 3), by Harvey Banner

just as you ask Seri for assistance this is the prisoner’s equivalent but it never does anything right

So s’up guys I was just in there going crazy I’m tryin’ to get some info from dis system and it gone stupid c’mon show you they walk to the kiosk “Serikah how many ppl in Brian county? Serikahs response suuuuuww cough cough!! what’s up what’s up Peanut why you want to know how many ppl in Brian county you got a chick out there” Just anser the question! who you talkin to like dat you got me mixed up wit one of yo’ other chick oh no you think you slick How many ppl in Brian county ask that chick who you lookin for, Look I aint lookin for no chick I’m trying to make some money! speaking of money yo baby DayDay needs some diapers! WHAT??? Baby Serikah you trippen you know I ain’t get you pregnant right… so that can’t be my baby!! Boy we just had sex the other night why you cant get me pregnant? CUZ you ain’t real you are a computer simulation I don’t know why I didn’t just get seri Oh that’s her name that’s why you lookin fo Brian county huh Seri……..

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DOC #362241

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