Almost Over With, by Justin Luark

mann, i cant wait until i am released from this fucked up prison. ohio is by far the worst prisons in the country. i am from Michigan and i cant wait to go back home. i am 5 months away from my release date. i dont have a clue what i am gonna do when i get out. but i do know i am gonna do everything in my power to be the best dad in the world. i have not been able to meet my son yet because of issues with his mother and me being in another state. so that is by far my first plan , to spend as much time with my little one as i can. i honestly dont know if prison helped me or if it made me worse. there are so many things in here that make you feel so out of place from the real world. im really just talking about little habits that you obtain being institutionalized. like hows it gonna feel to get in the showewr with no shower shoes, or talk on a real phone. even super weird to cook food in a oven or on stove top lol. im super nervous to come home. just because i dont really have a plan. i dont have much family and the friends i do have are not the people i want to surround myself with. but whatever comes my way i pray every night that i am ready. i am 27 years old and have been in jail for 2 years this time. and in and out of the system since i was 13. i grew up in a bad neighborhood in detroit mi. i kind of became a product of my enviroment. theres a saying , you are who you surround yourself with. and that hit me really hard being locked up this time. but i feel i have hope now, because i have my son. i never had shit my whole life. and it hurts so bad that the mother of my child does not want to be with me because all i want in this world is a family. i want my son to have his mom and dad in the same house during the same holidays and events. i want to be in my son life more than anything. and sometimes woman make that hard. idk , im just gonna get out and roll with the punches. thank you for your time.

Justin Luark
DOC #748-601

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