Larry Wiley

Introduction Blog, by Larry Wiley

I’m 44 and I got locked up in 2009. I’ve been incarcerated for 11 years and I have 3 years left on my sentence.

My Bio:

I’ve come to realize that my past is very much my present, and it will be my future no matter what I’ll say or try to do to get ahead.

My past put me at a disadvantage with the people from my past, the people I know now, and the people I’ll meet in the future.

They expect me to bend over backwards in order for me to convince them to withdraw their bias opinion and their strikes against me for their approval and my personal satisfaction.

However, while people are distracted with the things that went on in my life, and their looking at my life through a magnifying glass without looking at their own lives, I’ll be striving regardless of the facts that I’m NOT perfect and I’ve made some decisions I’m NOT proud of.

I’ve long ago gotten up and dusted off my ass from the falls I took in my life that were caused by my actions alone, which I’ve learned to cconstruct a better person and decision maker.

Whether they’re convinced or not, I’m comfortable with the improvements I’ve worked hard to apply to my life while being held in unfortunate circumstances and conditions.

I gave up on the reliance of other people’s approval, a handout, the drug trade, plus the criminally organized ways of life because living without dumb shit is mentally peaceful and relaxing to my SOUL at the end of the day….

Be it as it may, my writing is my product, my product is my business, and my business is my life.

Therefore, it’s all the approval and personal satisfaction I’ll need to REPLACE the disadvantages that will take me from the cycle of my disadvantages.

Written and Copyrighted with the book Gestice Unjudged by Larry Wiley.

Larry Wiley #590-359
Grafton Reintegration Camp
2500 South Avon-Belden Road
Grafton , Ohio 44044 if you chose to contact me by email instead of by letter.

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