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When Free Dom Meets Culture Pt. II
Wisdom of the Understanding
By, Master K.G.Supreme (Nov. 23 2,018)
NGE, Carthage inc.
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18.Q.: Is That A New, or Is That The Old Time Religion?
A.: Old Time Religion
19.Q.: What kind of A Flag Is The Moorish?
A.: It is A Red Flag with Five Pointed Green Star In The Center.
20.Q.: What do the Five Points Represent?
A.: Love.: Truth.: Peace.: Freedom.: and
21.Q.: How old is our flag?
A.: 10,000 years old
22.Q.: Which is our Holy Day?
A.: Friday
23.Q.: Why?
A.: Because Friday Is The Day On Which Man Was Formed In Flesh, and it was on Friday when He departed out of flesh.
24.Q.: Who was Jesus
A.: He was a Prophet of ALLAH
25.Q.: Where was He Born?
A.: In Bethlehem, of Judah, In the house of David
26.Q.: Who were His Father and Mother ?
A.: Joseph and Mary
27.Q.: Will you give in Brief the line (Geneology) Through which Jesus came?
A.: Some of The Great Fathers Through which Jesus came are: Abraham, Boaz by Ruth, Jesse, King David, Solomon, Hezekiah and by Mary.
28.Q.: Why did Allah send Jesus to this Earth?
A.: To save the Israelites from the iron hand oppression of the Pale-skin Nations of Europe, who were Governing a portion of Palestine at that Time
29.Q.: How long has that been?
A.: About Two Thousand
30.Q.: What was the Nationality of Ruth
A.: Ruth was a Moabitess
31.Q.: What is the Modern Name for Moabites?
A.: Moroccans
32.Q.: Where is the Moroccan Empire?
A.: Northwest Amexem
33.Q.: What is the Modern Name for Amexem?
A.: Africa
34.Q.: What is the title given to our Ruler in Morocco?
A.: Sultan
35.Q.: Where did we get the name Jesus? A.: From The East.
36.Q.: What does the name Jesus mean?
A.: Jesus means Justice
37.Q.: Did the Angel give to the child that was called Jesus a Holy Name?
A.: Yes, but it cannot be used by those who are slaves to sin.
38.Q.: What is An Angel?
A.: An Angel is A THOUGHT of ALLAH manifested in Human Flesh
39.Q.: What are Angels Used for ?
A.: To Carry messages to the Four corners of the world, To all Nations.
40.Q.: What is our Prophet to us ?
A.: He is an Angel of ALLAH who was sent to bring us the everlasting Gospel of ALLAH.
41.Q.: What is the Everlasting Gospel?
A.: It is A saving Power that comes from ALLAH through our Ancient Fathers, By His Prophet.
42.Q.: What is the covenant of the Great God- ALLAH?
A.: Honor Thy Father and Thy Mother, That Thy days may be long upon The Earthland which the lord thy God Allah hath given Thee.
43.Q.: At what age Did Jesus Begin To Teach?
A.: At the age of Twelve.
44.Q.: Where did he Teach?
A.: India, Africa and Europe
45.Q.: How long did he teach?
A.: Eighteen years.
46.Q.: What did Jesus say that would make you Free?
47.Q.: What is TRUTH?
48.Q.: What is AUGHT?
49.Q.: Can TRUTH change?
A.: TRUTH cannot change, or pass away
50.Q.: What other Name Do We Give To Truth?
51.Q.: What have you to say about HOLY BREATH?
A.: All WE can say it is Great. It Is Good. It was, It is, and evermore To Be . Amen.
52.Q.: At what place on Earth was the Physical part of man Formed?
A.: In the Garden of Eden.
53.Q.: Where is the Garden of Eden?
A.: In the Land of Canaan, In The city of Mecca
54.Q.: What is the modern Name for the Garden of Eden?
A.: Mecca.
55.Q.: What is the Name of the Physical Man?
A.: His Name cannot Be used, only by executive rules of the A.C. of the M.S.T.of A.
56.Q.: What Are The Words of A.C. of the M.S.T of A?
A.: Adept Chamber of the Moorish Science Temple of America (3rd Heaven)
57.Q.: Who were Adam and Eve?
A.: They are the Mothers and Fathers of the Human Family, Asiatics and Moslems.
58.Q.: Where did they go?
A.: They went into Asia
59.Q.: What is the Modern Name given to their Children?
A.: Asiatics
60.Q.: Who is Guarding the Holy city of Mecca today to keep the unbelievers away?
A.: Angels
61.Q.: What is the Modern Name for Those Angels ?
A.: Asiatics
62.Q.: What is the shade of Their skin?
A.: Olive
63.Q.: Are the Moorish Americans any Relation to those Angels?
A.: Yes, We all have the same Father and Mother.
64.Q.: Give Five names that are given to the Descendants of Adam and Eve?
65.Q.: What is the Devil some times called?
A.: The Lower self
66.Q.: How many selves are there?
A.: Two
67.Q.: Name Them
A.: Higher- Self and Lower self
68.Q.: What people represent the Higher self?
A.: The Angels who protect the Holy City of Mecca
69.Q.: What people represent the Lower-Self ?
A.: Those who were cast out of The Holy City, and those who accept their Teaching.
70.Q.: What is the Higher-Self?
A.: The Higher self is the Mother of Virtues and the Harmonies of Life, and Breeds Justice, Mercy, Love and Right.
71.Q.: Can the Higher-Self Pass away?
A.: No
72.Q.: Why
A.: Because it is ALLAH in Man
73.Q.: What does the Lower-Self Breed?
A.: Hatred, Slander, Lewdness, Murders, Theft and Everything that Harms.
74.Q.: What did the Higher-Self say to the Lower- Self At one Time when He met Him?
A.: Where are you going SATAN?
75.Q.: What was The Answer That the Lower-self gave to the Higher-Self?
A.: I am going to and Fro the Earth seeking whom I may Devour.
76.Q.: Has He finished His Task of Devouring?
A.: Yes
77.Q.: When was His Time Declared out?
A.: When He Nailed Jesus on The Cross
78.Q.: What are the last words Jesus Uttered?
A.: It is Finished .
79.Q.: What Did He Have Reference To?
A.: He had Reference To The End Of SATAN.
80.Q.: Did Jesus say That He would return to conquer Him?
A.: Yes
81.Q.: What is the Name of the person into whom Jesus was First Reincarnated?
A.: Mohammed, The conqueror

….To Be Continued

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