Warm Our Hearts With Thy Love, by Lachurn Terry

Oh god. who made the summer and warmed the earth with beauty, warm are hearts with gratitude and devotion to are duty. for in this age of violence, rebellion, and defiance. we’ve forgotten the true meaning of dependable relaiance. we have lost are sense of duty and are sense of values, too, and what was once unsanctioned no longer is taboo. our stndards have been lowered, and we resist all discipline, and are vision has been narrowed and blinded to all sin.Oh, put the summer brightness in are unseeing eyes, so in the careworn faces that we pass we’ll recognize the heartbreak and the loneliness, the trouble and despair that a word of understanding would make easier to bear. oh god, look down on our cold hearts and warm them with your love, and grant us your forgiveness which we’re so unworthy of

lachurn d terry #A490746
po box 740
london ohio43140.

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