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The Holiness Highway to Holiness Mountain & Back Down, by Matthew Puccio

In Matthew 17:1-8 we read about Jesus being Transfigured to display His divine nature to Peter, James, and John while they were on their own Holiness Highway. There are some important factors taking place here, so let’s evaluate each of them.

Moses and Elijah appear to talk to Jesus as He is Transfigured in front of these three disciples. Reading this should give us hope to participate in this same Glory when He calls us home.

Moses represents the law since it was through him that God gave the 613 Levitical Laws to the Jewish people. Elijah represents the prophets. These two being there tells us that not only does the Law and the Prophets support who Jesus is, but they also show that Jesus is the fulfillment to the Law and the Prophets by being the foretold Messiah.

Peter now speaks saying that he wants to build three tabernacles (tents) so that they can stay there on the mountain. God doesn’t allow that. Instead God speaks and tells them to Listen to Jesus in ALL things. Jesus is now given the responsibility to take them down from the mountain and back down into the mundane nature of things.

Whenever you are experiencing moments of great Spiritual importance, remember that you’ll come back down from that height. This is done so God can take you even higher next time.

If we tried to act in a Spiritual manner that is above where God has us, it can become our destruction. This isn’t a spiritual destruction or even a physical life threating destruction. The destruction here is meant to become our folly. This is only due to the fact that we cannot handle all that God has for us at one time without proper preparation. The folly takes place when pride steps in and overtakes us once God starts to move in His Mighty ways.

Back in Isaiah 35:7-8 we are taught about the Holiness Highway. This is the same narrow road that Jesus taught in the Gospel message. This is the road that all Christians walk in their lives.

The Holiness Highway is full of Holiness Mountains for us to experience the Power of God over our lives. Some days will be better spiritually than others, so don’t be discouraged when things don’t go right at that particular moment. It is on these Holiness Mountains that God transfigures us into mature Christians.

This of course takes submission to the Will of God over our lives by saying yes LORD. If we don’t submit to God, WE hinder Him from performing the miracles we need. Allowing God to move according to His Will is going to provide others the opportunity to Glorify Him.

Why would God reveal Himself to each person uniquely if He didn’t have a major Master plan for them? Think for a moment what Master plan God may have for your life. God desires all peoples to come to the Holiness Highway to meet Him on each individual unique Holiness Mountain. He will also have you walk down each Holiness Mountain though.

It is when we act in stubborn selfish ways that we ignore these various Holiness Mountains on our own Holiness Highway. What else do you expect if you never knew these Mountains are even there for that reason, or why you have higher moments in your spiritual walk?

It is easy to often assume that when you start to walk down the Mountain that God is no longer with us. Who do we think is carrying us on the Holiness Highway?

Only by God’s blueprint for your life are you able to be the over comer He created you to be.

Notice that when you stay on the Holiness Highway that Satan cannot touch you. It is when we step off of this Highway that Satan can grab ahold of us and harm us in several ways. He waits on the roadside to devour anyone who gets distracted by his temptations. This is when we need repentance the most in our lives. Remember God desires no one to go to Hell. It is our own doing we go there.

Be prepared for various distractions to arise during these times of chaos and uncertainty laying wait for you on your Holiness Highway. These are temptations meant to catch you off guard. Satan wants to trip you up to make you feel unworthy. What a pathetic lie we are told there.

No two journeys will ever be the same leading to the Holiness Highway nor will the journey to each Holiness Mountain be the same.

You CANNOT stay on one Holiness Mountain forever. It is important to walk down to the base of the Mountain being guided by Jesus Christ, so He can guide you and carry you to the next Holiness Mountain as you travel the Holiness Highway.

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