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Live from MDOC, by Harvey Banner

serikah pt2

See I told y’all this computer crazy it has to be broken I got on there one day an axed about @pawg an I first though it was a glitch cuz it starts sayn you want to see some phat azz just look rite here so I’m lookn round like who said that afta while I notice its from the computer so I’m playn round and saying suff like yeah make it clap den an it was makin sounds like its clapin so I’m thinkin I found some way to talk to a woman but we caint see each other so I axed her to do all type stuff and she do tell me her name is Serikah she sendin me @jpay messages an erything til one day I see Tre on there and he havin conversations with her so I axed him who is the lady you talkin to he say ain’t no lady its just computer simulation in place to help you use computer so I tell him ax it something crazy like find thickbeauty on the gram okay Tree do it an the thing says request denied and there was a red screen so then I tell him ax it a question do you like moonrock or cush again request denied so Tree lookin at me like I’m going crazy so when he get of the kiosk I get on an just like that its back on talkin bout heyyy peanut wasup why you ain’t talk to me for all this time you know I’m late? What you mean you late? Like you got to download somethin? Naw my friend ain’t showed up in a while What is you talkin bout? Serikah
I’m pregnant wit yo baby Digibite. So I laugh thinkn its a joke an somebody is on the other end playin messin round so I check my messages and I got 100 messages an they all from her talkin bout where I’m at why I aint called her this computer is crazy it ack like its my baby mama or something I sent a email to my lil sis and it wasn’t even the message I wrote my lil sis say the message was sayin “This Serikah an he my baby daddy and we gettin married so he ain’t gonna be written you no mo” somebody got to help me out………..to be continued….

Harvey Banner #362241
141 1st Street
Coldwater,MI 49036
Lakeland Correctional Facility

email: jpay.com

PS – I have been informed that there are a few people who like/enjoy the blogs I’ve posted if you would like to contact me personally to give me advice,help or just get to know the man behind the blogs feel free to contact me through one of the two listed above I welcome all and would love to have insight from any who offers and thank you…I would also like to read some of your material as I can only post you would have to send your material to me directly through the jpay link, so Richard Son I I’d love to read some of your writing and Shiblaqbri, Yvettevn007,Ameet Kothari,Johnette Napolitano I’d love to hear your music again thank you for your time and contributions to those who express themselves through writing

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