Melvin Shaw Jr.


so a few weeks ago I had called one of my freinds, in we were talking for a while about life in general. in then she asked how was i doing mentally in here in i said good for the most part just keeping my distance from the people here who are not tryin to better there self. she replied by saying I here that, then while I was thinking of everything that’s been going on I’m like you know what I got to ask you a serious question. she said go ahead so im like be 100% honest, what would be the best approach to win a women’s friendship and trust from your perspective. because I really have a person I really want to converse with. but its a bit complicated as of now but !!! I have spoke to them through a friend and learned about certain things through that person as well, but never really got to just get the good one on one time talking as of yet. everything I have heard gots me intrigued, I believe this person and I are compatible in we will be able to relate with a lot of things. even though we may have come up too different ways and the fact I think they may have never really mingled outside of there usual standards of men. then my friend replied back saying just take it slow have your other friend relay the message that you were informed about her through them in that you were interested in speaking with her on three way. then once you get on the phone just introduce your self in start off by small talk asking the minimum of questions. you know, then make sure you LISTEN well as she answer your questions. so then I’m like you know what I did get to see a photo of her before, she is pretty well tanned and about 5″5 with nice piercings and a few tats that are nice as well she definitely know how to keep her self up as a women hair done ,nails done ,eyebrows done! , I just have to figure out what would be the best way to keep her interested, its enough of this indirectly speaking. it time to take on the challenge my friend say well the phone call is about to end I got faith that you will succeed once you take the initial steps towards this person. she prolly knows quite habit about you I’m sure your friend done spoke to her a few times about you as well, so I e phone hang up in I’m like well she just made a lot of sense …… will be continued

if anyone have any suggestion feel free to write me Melvin shaw 624671 2240 Hubbard rd. Youngstown Ohio 44503 or add me on or visit my facebook(Melvin shaws)

Melvin shaw
DOC #624671

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