Harvey Banner

Live from MDOC, by Harvey Banner

wet wet scans the yard looking for something to get into so he walks past the poker tables looks into the weight pit standing on the other side is rip,lilD, stone and a few other guys in the mist of a good blazin’ session “Aw man tell the truth you in here for felonious wheelchair seat sniffin” says rip just as wet wet walks up hey y’all it quagmire ” if you don’t get yo gigiddy gigiddy ass on out of here”. (in prison currency consists of hygiene, and food items it is not uncommon to see someone with a deoderant or bag of coffee and ask someone else do you have change for this or to see someone pay for other items with soap, soups, hair grease, cheese and often this is referred to as.money) what’s up wet wet? nothing just get a 269 and a 313 wit a.lil dirty dirty nahmean look we got a hot 5 piece for you to go take them butts from the ash tray and eat them but its got to be a minimum of 5 naw I got 2mo dollas if you add these 3worms in adds stone okay I got 3more if you take these cookies off the ground and make it all into a sandwich says lil Dee so that’s 10bucks to eat this…so wet wet thinks to him self that’s tunchi and another bottle yup!! where da chicken asked wet wet they all produce what they said then wet wet ate the mix took his cash… aye you know the African dude got mad the other day talking bout hey ain’t no zebra in dees zebra cakes”, y’all stupid lets go get peanut ….
to be continued……
for comments please go to HARVEY BANNER#362241@jpay.com thank you!!!!!

DOC #362241

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