SURVIVOR, by Maurice Brown


My name is Maurice. I am currently at Marion Corr. Institution. I have been locked up for the past 20 years and I am on my way home in “2024. I am one of inmates that tested positive for the corona Virus. At one point I was so sick where I felt I was going to die. I could not eat, I could smell, I could not taste. I was so weak that it was hard for me to get out of bed. but I still got out of bed to work out to build my strength. each time I felt like I was about to pass out. The prison staff did not enough to stop the virus from coming into the Institution. A corr. officer is the first one to bring the virus into the Institution. where the virus passed to inmates. Marion corr. Institution have 2400 inmates with the corona virus
so far 14 inmates have died and one staff member. I am in a very small dorm with 103 inmates right next to each other with no social distances
each day more and more inmates are getting sick and dying. The prison system do not even care.. They just lock us in a dorm and tell us to survive the best way we can.This prison has been on the local news and other news saying that Marion has the most corona virus inmates in the state of Ohio. I am blessed to be alive.

Maurice Brown
DOC #A391784

email at JPay.Com

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  1. Our system is BROKE! in more ways than one. It needs grace from God to get the right people in charge of decisions to start correcting the course of corrections in America! Sorry I can’t keep getting 5-8 blog emails to read each day; I’ll have to unsubscribe, but will check back as I can. Thanks for sharing your plight; joys, sorrows, frustrations. God cares for the sparrows; how much more does He care for all our incarcerated ones? He has a perfect plan and destiny for each one, they only need to surrender to Jesus and get on His side to find the right path. I strongly recommend Crossroads Prison Ministry; free Bible lessons and mentorship to all incarcerated that can even follow them as they move among facilities or get back out into mainstream life. I speak from experience; I’ve been a volunteer Mentor for over 7 years.

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