Justin Luark

Ohio Sucks, by Justin Luark

Prison here is the worst. i am 27 and ive been incaserated since 2018. my release date is this october , i am real short to the door. i am from the state of michigan. i dont know wether to stay in ohio or go back home.i spend time in here working out and doing anything positive to utilize my time correctly. this is not my first time in prison, i am kind of a problem child lol. but i am starting to grow up and realize theres more to life than jail, fighting, and the streets. i have a son that i need to focus on and make sure i stay out to protect him. with this corona stuff going on things have been real restricted in here so ill be happy to leave in a few months. hopefully something good comes my way, because im ready for a blessing.

Justin Luark
DOC #748-601

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