Christopher Bey

Sweet Kisses, by CHRISTOPHER BEY

“I bet your kisses taste like all kinds of sugar… if I were to guess they probably taste something like warm caramel…the kind that you drizzle over the top of a piece of pie or ice cream dessert with all the toppings… Or maybe they’re something like cotton candy which melts in your mouth inviting you to take another bite…until there’s nothing left except the sticky sweetness upon your fingers…The way you press you’d lips together trying to contain your smile makes me think that your kisses are like sweettarts, or maybe like the finest of chocolate the bitter but delectably sweet kind made from the best of imported coco…Or maybe like coconuts and mango, perhaps watermelon but memorable like a honeydew melon or the sugary sweetness of the honey made by bees…. Maybe your kisses taste like gum drops…or those green apple jolly ranchers…oh I know the cherry kind….Perhaps like the cinnamon fire sticks or those Chico sticks… Or how about those sugar daddy suckers all the girls from around the way use to eat…Or maybe like Lemonheads… I imagine they taste like popciles on a hot summer’s day, when we all use to play outside and you use to wear those pigtails and big barrets in your hair, and they’d bounce every time you played hop scotch and double dutch… I imagine your kisses taste like everything sweet and remembered, like the taste of spring rain and candycanes… sweet pickles and fudge ice cycles like the kind we use to get from the ice cream truck we had to chase down the street….Perhaps your kisses taste like everything that’s unforgettable… just like you’re unforgettable and I would never be able to forget about you, like the sweet kiss which is you”….

DOC #G34518
Corcoran, CA

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