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I’m sending this open scribe through these air ways to find everyone in very good spirits and most of all in good health as well, my name is Dujuan L. Adams, I’m 39, years of age I have been incarcerated since 1/8/2000 and soon to be released 2/20/23 or sooner, I was born and raised in Youngstown Oh, it”s a small town ” most have never heard of it , but its alot of good history that dwells where I’m from, I guess you can say I have been incarcerated most of my life, yes I entered the prison at a young age stemming from my lack of knowledge, and a undeveloped mind state, lost in a world of confusion I got overwhelmed by my surroundings and I lost one of the most valuable thing in life Freedom…. Throughout my incarceration most of my time went to the betterment of self and gaining all i needed to move forward in life as a law abiding citizens and one who has gained the knowledge of self, my body was trapped in the physical, but my mind was never locked ” it was free , institutionalized I’m not but more ready to live life and embrace what’s next to come, my motivation for wanting to blog, is to free my mind and let my truths run free knowledge must build.

Dujuan L Adams #395-935
m.c.i. p.o.box 57
or by e.mail , jpay.com

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  1. Hello, I was very impressed and enlightened by what you said in your Blog. Anyone in the same situation or who has been through what you have been through would/should be encouraged.


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