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Why Salt of All Things? by Matthew Puccio

When we hear the word salt, we automatically think of a flavoring agent made to help our food have flavor, but we don’t look deeper into its true purpose.

History shows us that salt was originally made to preserve something from being spoiled. When meat starts to spoil, it is because bacteria starts to develop on the surface area.

Jesus made a lot of similes when it came to what we are called to be. We have been called a lighthouse, salt, a lamp just to name the key ones.

To understand these we must dig into purpose. A lighthouse has rules that it cannot break, so our purpose is to be likened to a lighthouse. This is why Jesus told us we are the light of the world (the world’s lighthouse).

We are then called a lamp or a light that sits in an open place drawing others to it. Light helps us see what is taking place around us, so when we are told to be the light of the world, our purpose is then revealed that we are to draw others to us by how we are presented.

Jesus mentions salt in the simile as well, and here is why.

Salt when placed over the top of meat as a preservative, bacteria cannot grow on it due to what salt is made up of.

Salt back in history was drawn from the sea, salt mines, or harvested as a crop in a very moist area.

People would use the salt for the bacteria killing agent first, then as a flavoring. This is why Jesus said that if salt is to lose its flavor, what good is it? He then mentions how it will be trampled underfoot by being thrown out onto the ground.

This should have everyone of us concerned. When salt is trampled into the ground, that area will no longer produce any type of crop. This means the land becomes barren.

This tells us that we are spiritually barren and need help if we are not living according to our purpose.

By us being the salt of the earth we are told the we are what’s preventing the bacteria of sin from growing in the world around us.

Our salt loses its flavor when we lay dormant refusing to seek first the Kingdom of Heaven.

What good will we be then?

Our lives are meant to have flavor to them, and are meant to be likened unto God.

He made us in His image. This is not in physical, but in spiritual likeness.

If we cannot look at the face of God without dying, then how can we be made in His physical image and not die when we look at another?

Our sins affect our spiritual beings by removing us from the presence of God and putting us into the presence of the devil himself.

What good is our salt then?

We have a life driven with purpose, driven with desiring what things of the flesh cannot satisfy, and driven with things we cannot comprehend.

This “thing” I speak of is the Kingdom of Heaven. We can’t even come close to understanding God. The more we learn about Him, the more we realise how much we don’t know at all.

This is why He gave us His spirit as a guide during our journey in life. If we cannot come close to the comprehension of who God is, then we need someone that can and that is the Holy Spirit.

We are tormented by things that we try to understand when we know deep down that something’s are meant to be left as a mystery later to be understood if that.

Our job as salt is to make sure that we take action to preserve the meat around us. Paul tells us that our lives are to be a living sacrifice holy and true. Scarifices were mainly done with meat.

Paul even tells us that our glory is found in the lives of those around us that we help bring into the presence of God by submitting to the will of God over our lives. He even mentions that others will be our responsibility.

Rather we have mental struggles, spiritual struggles, or physical struggles, we are responsible for the souls around us being the salt of the earth.

When we ignore the calling of the voice of God over our lives, we step out of His ring of protection.

See this ring as the container that the salt is held in.

If the container has a crack in it brought on it by misuse, then the salt will fall freely from it.

Jonah is a prime example of stepping out of this ring of protection. He didn’t want to be the salt to Nineveh. He wanted Nineveh to be destroyed.

When we refuse to be this salt we are allowing the devil to ruin the souls of people around us.

It is impossible for us to keep our salt flavored on our own. We need the protective ring of God over our lives to keep us preserved properly.

Many of you may be thinking to yourselves “Now Minister Puccio, your getting a bit deep here. These are hard sayings.”

It isn’t that these are hard sayings, it is that there is confrontation taking place in your inner self that needs addressing.

Some call this conviction, others call it God tugging on your heart. I call it the devil getting mad by you hearing the splendor of what it is to know a Mighty God that can protect you from any harm.

Satan wants you to be distracted in life. He wants as much noise to take place where it is nearly impossible to hear what God is trying to say to you. This is his mission.

As I close this out, I pray that whatever confrontation you are having in your life will be brought to see the peace that surpasses all understanding.

Be the salt in someone’s life that they need not just today, but each and every day.

Matthew Puccio
DOC #667-706

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