Change takes courage, which gives sight into the unseen,
dreamers see the mountain top, and visionaries applaud King…
Change takes courage one step at a time on the journey through the unknown, Change is universal so you are not alone….

To fear change is to block the beauty of life and all its glory and lessons,
stuck in the abyss of lifelessness, inescapable wounds protrude souls broken and bruised from second guessing….

Release fear and let freedom reign through change, bondage suppresses belief evolution and creates disdain,
undermines courage to travel through life’s terrain undaunted by setbacks and pain….

Stepping from fear to courage is a metamorphosis as if walking from a desert discovering an oasis,
Everything grows in stages, every story changes with a turn of its pages
as we matriculate through the hard knock university of life,
will the option to change optimize courage or will the inevitabe paralyze the inevitable of change???? We must choose wisely!

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Have a blessed and productive day, and practice preventive care to combat this Covid-19. This too shall pass in due time. What’s done in between time is what matters most. #Wegotthis!

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