Rasheem Matthews

Blood on tha Money, by Rasheem Matthews

Blood on the money is a riveting roller coast story about the true life story of cedrick Payne a gang member growing up in the bloddy streets of Inglewood kalifornia becoming a center park blood off 111 and Yukon in 1978 the second generation .it exploits the early stage of gangster lifestyle bloody and uncut.he kills the leader of a rival gang and sentenced to juvenile life from 1982 to 1987 in the kalifornia youth authority where he continued to represent center park blood causing havoc..this was the first official gang related murder in inglewood kalifornia in 1981 .upon his release in 1987 back to the streets of Inglewood kalifornia crack cocaine was spreading like the wild fires of southern kalifornia. gang members had flashy cars,jewelry,woman,and assault weapons and he had to have a part of it he was introduced to the crack game and eventually ventured to the money getting streets of Cleveland Ohio November 1987.he set up headquarters in the notorious infamous king Kennedy projects down the way where on a good day over a hundred thousand dollars cash went through his hands selling rock cocaine.this is a story within story’s.he gives his gangster lifestyle raw and uncut.not glorifying his past life it is what it was.at the conclusion he gives a positive message to all gang members wanna be gang members, at risk juveniles,high school students average people, a profound positive message that will compel people to stop and think before reacting because for every action there is a reaction and that could result in a life or death situation a long prison sentence.my message will save lives I was once part of the cycle self destructing communities taking lives now I wanta save lives because all lives do matter please join me in this challenging endeavor.please friend request me Facebook sigiela see more details of my book and movie trailer.you can directly email me by downloading the app WWW.jpay.com

Rasheem Matthews
DOC #223-185

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