Isadore Barboza

Robbery by Jpay, by ISADORE BARBOZA

Who out there knows what actions I can take to hold jpay accountable for there actions?
1) Jpay sold me some games at the prices of between $5.99 and 7.99 and they instruct you to re-sync the games if you won’t to restart them so I re-synced several games and Jpay never gave them back by ( re-syncing them instead they kept my games then told me I’m not entitled to a refund and refuses to give back the games they took.
2) Jpay advertises music album one in particular ” The Spanish basic course complete foreign institute ( it’s supposed to teach you Spanish) it’s advertised in English it’s preview is in English then when you buy the album its entirely in Spanish with no English translation, how are you supposed to learn Spanish if you don’t know what’s being said?
3) They charge us and family to send emails to eachother with photo attachments if you choose but sometimes they withhold the photographs that are not restricted at the institution but keep the money they charge us..
Isn’t all of these practices robbery? If you agree please help me by making calls to the better business bureau where there located there number is #561-842-1918,and if you have any ideas as to what I can do please let me know, so far i,ve written the better business bureau, the attorney general, and the ACLU American civil liberty union, they need to stop robbing us and family, please help me stand up to this corrupt company together we can make a difference..
Thank you for your time and assistance…

I can be reached two ways. 1) ISADORE BARBOZA, 5368 ,Valdosta Ga 31603. 2) thru jpay at ISADORE BARBOZA #1001655192 I look forward to hearing from lots of you….
Sincerely an innocent Man

DOC #1001655192

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