Paul Valentine Jr.

A NEW DAY, by Paul Valentine Jr.

My name is Paul Valentine i am 36 years old and i am currently 1 year into a 5 year sentence not counting some good time…my earliest date to exit the luxurious accomidations of the state is january of hopefully this blog business will be another avenue for me to get outta my head and chat with some people who arent men, it would be nice to hear the ramblings of a woman, i guess im curious about this site to talk to people or someone i can bullshit with, share a few laughs or crys or someone to lean on when ya feel down ya know? Prison is what you make it and it can be loney and hard or what you make it, this is my attempt to make it better, so if you would like to talk to me feel free to contact me.

Paul Valentine Jr.
DOC #a766853

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