Melvin Shaw Jr.


psalms 16 8 I keep my eyes always on the lord ,with him at my right hand no one will be shaken ( the bible )

you are an immensely valuable creature, not only are you immensely valuable as a woman but you are unlike any other woman, you have your own way of overcoming matters in life, no one is perfect in the bible it says every one will be put through many trials and tribulations in life. its a choice to either fight the battle or give up. but know its better to keep fighting because a battle only last so long.

I recently heard a story of a woman that was struggling with issues since they were a young girl, they were battling with identity of there self. ppl use to say negative things of this girl to make her feel less than a human being. we all know that words can be used in the most nasty way that can break a person down mentally, especially when you are a teenager trying to fit in in school. when ppl are young they don’t know any better. they make fun of ppl just to be a Class clown . its so cruel to pick on someone about how they look or what ever the case may be, so this young girl has always been pretty as ever from the inside out, from top to bottom and even the way she walks is very appealing . but yet some how ppl still found something to say just out of spite, to under her beautiful skin, in this world we live in people think that woman have to look a certain way to be attractive well I will let you know that is a total lie. this girl has a beautiful mind and the most respectful personality this would be the girl I would want as woman, she is honest loyal and trustworthy what more can you ask for let alone her she has good looks n engaging eyes . well to move forward this person took all the negative feedback she has gotten from all of the odds in turned it into a positive on her behalf it has help her find her self as a woman she made a total astonishing transfer formation. she has really look in the mirror in notice that ppl was envying her because she has had everything that the other girls had wanted but they tried to take all of her positives n turn it to negative. I hope this heps out every women that is struggling with identity crisis. I want you to know you are what you think you are so think of of the goods things . your thoughts truly manifest into the universe. dedicated to my friend you are beautiful girl

Melvin shaw
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