Marvin Burrage



every time he wanted to leave she always came back,she would bring the kids around when she wanted to come back,she know I loved the kids,there
was only one time that I wouldn’t let her leave,we was down at my moms house and I told her she wasn’t going nowhere,we talked and everything was cool until she found some bloody sheets and she sworn up and down I did it,she didn’t even stop to think who else was at the house,so now I am mad I’m like fuck it,Tammy go use the bathroom and she stay in there along time,I am talking to Jessica and BOO don’t remember about what but anyway Tammy come out the bathroom and sit at the kitchen table,she started acting like she swallow something so I check the bathroom don’t find anything so I too her whatever you did I ain’t calling nobody so it is what it is,a few’ hours passed by and ain’t nothing happen,then I hard a knock at the door at was my Lil sis it old her go buy me a bucket of chicken and something else,when she left area minutes later somebody else was knocking on the door it was her cousin Van asking if I seen Tammy I said no but Tammy heard her voice and came to the door,so I let her leave with Van and I told her don’t come back,so just to be sure I called all the hospital that I knew she would go to and none of them had anybody that took any pills,so it was all good with me,a couple days later I am on the block Tammy come around with Boo but I ain’t say shit to her but Boo came over to me,we played for awhile,then she ask can we go get something to eat,you see this is the shit she would do,she used the kids to get back every time,one day she told me she fucked that dude Silk when I went to Milwaukee, now get this she say she called my name out while she was fucking him,that’s when I should of left her ass,but I didn’t because I knew what I was going to do,it was time to do me,BUCKYG
staying across the hall from HOBO fat ass I was at every dice game he threw and it was big money there,he was a Snake and he knew I knew,I went shopping at the mall with ED and I meet this girl named Manett she had a fat ass I told her I would call her soon,me and ED brought new shoes, the next day I went back to the mall to get another pair of shoes,as I was paying for my stuff the girl that was doing my order looked good and had a fat ass and nice tits I got her number told her I will be back to pick her up from work,I picked her up and she stayed up stairs from fat Terry, this girl was crazy she got me all the way down to my under wear and didn’t want to give me the pussy,she said we could lay in the bed together I said let’s go,we got in the bed I got on top of her pulled my dick threw my boxers and went up in her,when I was done then she was ready to get down,I told her I was cool but I was fucking with her,she said she was just playing and was gonna give me the pussy,so I spent all night beating that shit up,ED picked me up about 9 the next morning he said Tammy is at the laundrymat down the street and she seen him come up the street,so I ha to take another way home,but Tammy told me later that she knew Eddie had came and picked me up I said no he didn’t’ and that was that she knew something but she couldn’t prove it,but I didn’t care at the time because I tryed to be straight with her but she wanted to play game,all I was doing was fucking and that’s the same thing I did with Tammy was fuck her,things changed one day when we was laying in bed she said she would suck my dick if I lick her pussy,I said you go first and how long you do me I’ll do you the same,from that night on it was on,we both opened up with each other and I knew sexually I could do whatever I wanted to her,so I never fucked Tammy again I made love to her long and slow,always with LUTHER VAN DROSS and the kool-aid on the side of the bed.I was on my way to Milwaukee I just reup on dope and it was on,I was putting a freeze in the car and I had this big bottle of dope hanging from my neck and every time I looks up the vice I riding by so I hung the bottle of dope on the tree where I could see it,a little later this girl come sshe sell clothing and she had some silk pajamas long shirts so as I was in the house looking at them she said she wanted a 20 piece,when I went back outside to get my dope it was gone and wasn’t nobody out there,so I paid her with money and went back outside mad as hell,don’t nobody get me I get them,me and Tammy go home an I tell her what happened she mad as hell won’t to go back and fight who ever but I told her it ain’t nothing, we stayed in the house the rest of the day fucking,the next day I got on the block early because I was on some bullshit,if you wasn’t family you wasn’t selling no dope on this block today,yeh I had to get back,I was sitting in the window when Looney came and I told him ain’t nobody selling hit today but me he said that I wasn’t gonna be the only one on the block getting money,I told him I wasn’t playing and if he old any hope it was on he did and I pulled out the shotgun and said how you want to do this,then he left and little did I know it was gonna come back on me in a fucke up way…..

DOC #256-209

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