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What Is Salvation? by Matthew Puccio

In Hebrew salvation is written as yesha which means to be delivered, prosperity. To be redeemed by God.

In Greek we see this same word as soteria which means rescue or safety. Deliverance, preservation, salvation. To be delivered from danger.

In Latin this is salustis which is translated as health or soundness. To be returned from exile being provided a means of safety or deliverance.

I mentioned the three different languages so we can see how it needs to be taken when we mention that we are saved.

When Adam and Eve caused the first original sin by disobeying God, they were sent into exile. By us being of their descendants we are also in exile.

This is only until we come back into union with God.

God calls the captives home. He brings safety to those in danger. He delivers us from every form of oppression. He gives us good health.

This is what it means for us to profess that we are saved by God through the selfless sacrifice of Jesus Christ on the cross for the forgiveness of sins.

When we look back at that very moment in the Bible, we see that Jesus prays over His disciples, but then as we read on we see that He even adds us into that very same prayer.

Jesus knew who would receive His salvation that requires us to humble ourselves to being a mere child from the days that He helped create the world.

Salvation is such a major part of our Christian lifestyle that we don’t even really look into what it actually should mean to us.

We are brought out of the scenarios mentioned in the translations just by us turning to God by acknowledging that we need His Son Jesus Christ as our Redeemer.

Our exodus from being in a world where sin reigns can only come when we realise the perfect sacrificial love of Jesus and accept His gift of Everlasting Life.

Our souls are eternal, and one way or another they will have a eternal living situation.

Either we will be living in the New Heaven in the New Jerusalem with Jesus, or we will be living in eternal torment.

The outcome of our eternal being is up to us.

We can either accept the gift of salvation that God is holding out to us every single day of our finite lives, or we can reject His gift and condemn ourselves to infinite sorrow.

God doesn’t condemn anyone of us. It is by our choice that we are condemned.

When the offer of salvation is right there where all we have to do is reach out, claim it, and accept the beauty of it is right before us daily, we need to take that offer and cling to it.

Salvation is free, but are you really willing to risk life and death for something that is being offered stipulation free?

If you don’t believe that hell is real, you better take a good look around at the conditions of this world because it is drenched it the works of Satan.

So if Satan is real, and you can actually find the documents online of where Pontius Pilate sentenced Jesus to death by crucifixion that also states that His tomb was found empty three days later, then shouldn’t you be examining yourself very carefully right now?

This is meant to cause confrontation to your inner being, because if your inner person is being confronted on this heavy of a scale then it will respond by searching out how to save itself.

This confrontation is needed to show you what the power of salvation can cause to an unsaved life.

It is this salvation that will create conflict in its own right.

No one likes to hear that their way of living is wrong, but when it comes to your eternal being you need to be faced with such an outright display of conflict.

Life is not something to gamble with.

You will have every action you ever made, every thought you ever had, and every word that was ever said be brought before you by God at that last day during your judgement.

When you have the gift of salvation flowing through you, God sees His Son Jesus in you. He doesn’t see any of your sins, nor any of your flaws. All He sees is you being made perfect in the likeness of Christ and your sins are as far as the east is from the west.

If you travel west and never diverge from your direction, you will only continue to go west. Same method applies when you drive east.

If you go north eventually you will drive south, and vice versa.

So if your sins will be cast as far as the east is from the west, what does that say about the God that loves you.

Why hesitate on this gift of salvation that He is outstretching to you right now?

Don’t risk your eternal life over something that is so simple that to most it is hard to believe and even harder to accept.

Don’t gamble with the inevitable that is coming, and it is coming soon.

Heavenly Father, I pray that whoever hears Your message calling out to them this very moment that they will act on it. God it was never Your intentions for us to be separated from You. Please come into the lives of the men, women, young adults, and even the little children that surround us every day. Provide them the way home from their exile Father God. Strengthen us as we continue to reach out to them so they too may become saved. Your Name is Higher than all names Father God. There is none that is greater than You LORD. Guide us each day as we confront the powers of the Devil in this place, and help us to put on the armor that You gave us for our daily battles. In Jesus’ Holy Precious Beautiful Name we pray, amen.

Matthew Puccio #667-706
LeCI P.O. Box 56
Lebanon, OH 45036

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