Demetrius Arnold

THERE IS NO COMPARISON, by Demetrius Arnold

A wise woman once told me “Many people are only in your life for the straight paths, they can’t handle the curves and turns and ups and downs” I never understood that completely until her revelation was shown to me. For those of you that are wavering or debating on exiting stage left just know what the encouragement an incarcerated man or woman gets from when someone important to them answers the phone, THERE IS NO COMPARISON, a simple e-mail to say “Hey stay strong and you are valued” THERE IS NO COMPARISON, you know hindsight is always perfect but if it were that simple there would be no need for second chances. All have fallen before, some just fall harder than others. To those who are debating whether to withdraw and let that person be, please know that although the shoe isn’t on the other foot there is still a lesson to be learned from another persons mess. THERE IS NO COMPARISON to sound wisdom. You never know who truly is your fairweather friend until that weather gets rough. A wise woman once said to me that “You only seek me because I am a dependable source of love and caring” Now that I think about it THERE IS NO COMPARISON to someone who shows you love unconditionally, to those of us who are incarcerated please know that those who stuck by you and are sticking by you deserve unwavering appreciation and respect because just like “we” look to them for a source of strength and love. They look to us for a recognition of what they have sacrificed for our sake. Time, emotion, finances, devotion, and most importantly understanding….THERE IS NO COMPARISON. The mere fact of understanding says that I understand you messed up in whatever way you did and in some instances didn’t do…. but I am still here for you….THERE IS NO COMPARISON. I appreciate my “corner” and the fact that through so many ups and downs and twists and turns they have never given up on me and strengthens me. THERE IS NO COMPARISON…. CHANTELLE

DOC #1792636

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