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I have written and published A book at Amazon E-books : search by author and title ; Travis Smith – The Brooklyn Express Bandit – Where the Oxycontin are. Or by direct link . It is about my opioid addiction and pharmacy and bank robberies.

Usually I save p.s. messages for last but the importance of this one warrants placing it at the commencement… Please young people , the emotionally disturbed , and extreme far right fanatics who behold Trump’s word as gospel please do not inject or ingest household cleaning products such as Lysol or draino – it will kill you! comprende?

It is frightening I have to undermine a presidential statement coming out of the white house. People like me , who have a sane independent mind and a I.Q. over 80 know better. But I guarantee you there are core followers of his , dumbass kids and the deranged in general who will attempt or succeed in harming themselves now because the President … The President! The fucking President , not of north Korea , but the United States of America , glanced over at a doctor and said ” Lysol and stuff kills the virus , maybe there is someway to put that in the body or something… Are you kidding me? How many up and coming comedians will have their careers take off on the stupid slurs of this presidential term?
The amount of disinformation ( or as Trump likes to say ‘fake news’ ) spewing out of a Washington D.C. building is just jaw dropping stunningly disheartening. This is not about left or right politics or a liberial or conservative ideology battle of wits. The spirited debates of oppositional principles is what creates and facilitate a ambiance of a healthy political arena where policy and passions vie for the edge of the frontline where ideas become the manifestation of actions in concreto that shape and drive the opulence of a first country that allow for nearly everyone to benefit and possess the capability to bootstrap themselves up out of the most inauspicious circumstances and find the way to a better place in their life now has degenerated into a juvenile like s scoffing match between petty and emotionally immature rival street gangs without even the sense of loyalty to one another. But what do I know? I’m just some uneducated dimwitted inmate.

Travis : Jesus Sara my glasses are fogging up.
Sara: How is that happening?
Travis : because of my big giant nose. That’s how,it keeps growing!
Sara: Its not , uh , um , that big…
Travis : You want yours to start growing? I turned my head and knocked someone’s drink off the the bar six feet away ( ha) in utero there was battle for material between my penis and my nose. Guess who won.
Sara: I’m sorry…

I am just fricking amused at 90 day fiancé, the TLC show. These people are hilarious. They talk about being in love with some person they talked to over the phone and and declare themselves in love after the second call , jump on a plane and fly ten thousand miles to some strange land where the majority of the population despises Americans. Two calls , not kidding to anyone who has never watched. And the men? My god , I thought I was bad. These dudes look like complete goof balls mostly and get hooked up with these hot exotic Asian and black or Hispanic women. Nice. I wish I had known about that possibility when I was out there. Compared to these guys I would have been like a George Clooney upon arrival. But I was them way back in the day, I admit. I liked the silliy idea of finding some great romantic love thingy. I even had a bitter sweet notion toward all the one night stands or brief flings I had because I really wanted that goofy love thing. But now I say fuck it – might as well celebrate those hot hook ups. It was a mutually much enjoyed fleeting moment of passion of intensely burning lust where two souls quickly and excitedly fused together in a quivering pile of steamy sex. Salute

here I cum , get ready for love , your a ten seconds past
ten seconds to love , I pull my trigger , my guns loaded with your love
just wait honey til I tell the boys about you
ten seconds to love
reach down love , slide it in real slow
I wanna hear your engine roar
ooh , ooh yeah , oh yeah , feels so good
I’m sure you want some more , I got one more shot before I’m out the door
ten seconds to love , you got it , you got it! my guns loaded with your love
here comes the finest round , was it hot for you? the second I’m through I’ll be leaving this town
Ten seconds to love , Motley crue

here is a picture of me when i could convince a occasional pretty girl

Travis Smith
DOC #529433

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