David Fegley

PsP2 THE GAME OF LIFE, by David Fegley

Perception, Success, Purpose, Prayer.

Helping men and women understand these key elements of ones life will allow a person to overcome setbacks, trials, temptations, mistakes, find direction, and set their life on a course that will allow them to be the men, women, fathers, mothers, workers and leaders that they were meant to be according to Gods will.

The way people see and perceive the world and themselves is the way they interact with the same. If you perceive your life is good you will accept it and do nothing to change it.

#1 How do you perceive your life right now?
#2 What do you perceive happening to peoples lives concerning struggles and battles we face daily against the systems in place, do they work?
#3 How do you perceive your life going in the next 5 to 10 years?

Some people have an abstract idea about what success looks like, so they spend their life chasing an idea instead of embracing reality.

#1 What does success look like to you?
#2 What do hope to achieve with your success?
#3 What do you need to succeed?

Understanding your purpose is the rock on which to build your foundation. If you don’t know this you’ll never know in what direction to aim your life.

#1 How do you discover your purpose?
#2 What is your purpose as a man or woman, worker or leader?
#3 What is your purpose in Gods will?

Honestly answering and meditating on these questions will unlock the doors that hold Gods favor for us and show us that what appears to be failure in life is a trick to make us think we are falling short when in all actuality we are living in Gods will if we just learn to see, accept, grow, and acknowledge it.

BIG F.A.C.T.S.– Prayer is not only how we talk to God, its also how we access our own levels of consciousness. Humans are creatures of habit. If you want to train yourself to do something new you must repeatedly do the the thing you wish and it will be part of you. The same works with how we think and what we wish our minds to seek out and formulate.

We clean ourselves and our area as a symbol of how we clean our life and spirit before we approach God, for our sin is dirty! We kneel to show submittion, bow to show praise… incorporate numbers and numerology as root element of your communication.
7 times a day of sincere requests for 30 days you are going to receive a response… don’t expose you intentions and be secretive to unlock Self.


#F– FIRST THINGS FIRST–first cause, first thought, first creator, first idea, first compound, first number, first sight, pray in spirit stay in spirit

#A– ADORATION–apprecation, aspirations, love covers a multitude of sins
(Father hallowed be thy name most great, gracious, and mercyful heavenly father)

#C–CONFESSION– cleanliness, forgiveness, work
(forgive me of my sins (past) as I forgive those that sin against me (present) and I pray I don’t lead anyone into temptation as I pray not to be led into temptation please (future) deliver us, HELP US!)

#T–THANKS– Thoughts, thanks, thank you, thinking of you always and thank you for the opportunity, thank you for just that if we never receive anything else is this not enough? of course not because just as God wanted companions so do we… True, loyal, loving so we pray for healing faith is hospital which leads us to…

#S– SUPPLICATION– now what do you want my child? wait… I mean what you really want, if you had everything what would be the most important to you. If you had all the money in the world what would be left? these requests have 1 wish significance don’t drop the ball and waste your request on something you don’t need.
(heal everyone, bless everybody I see, touch, influence, who ever put their faith in me knowingly or unbeknownst, give me counsel with my angels and counsel with the good and wise spirits, purge my area of all evil and help me to know myself better and know and understand you the first cause)
then we end the prayer as Nebuchadnezzar said in Daniel 4:3 our Gods dominion is from generation to generation

( I petition these things not only in my name do I pray but in the name of my brother the Christ and all the ones who came before and all the ones to come after, thank you father I love you!)
additional information coming for the true seekers!

David Fegley
DOC #551-980

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