Marvin Burrage



the next morning we was laying in the bed talking and I told Tammy point blank,I said I told myself when I got I out jail that if I didn’t have a family I would get and already made a family and we was gonna ride till the death and I said are you in or what she said she was in ,I said listen you can leave if you want to but I am on a mission she said she was in,,let me tell you a little about Tammy she was young and wanted to be all over the board,she seen how her brother did women and she didn’t want to be done that way so she thought every man was playing games with her until I came along,I tryed to play fair but when she came home with that shit on her neck that threw me for a loop,then she would go to this bar called the Black Velvet and do dum shit yeh she would be down there with dude she thought I didn’t know and I would go down there just to see the look on people faces,somebody was always out side looking out for me and when I walk in she would be sitting by herself with her mother I just laugh to myself,one day I am sitting out in front of Hobo house in a rent a car and she ride by in the niggers car,yeh she WS full of games,every time we got into it I took her for a walk I don’t know why,one day was riding in the car I don’t know where we was going but we was riding pass wood hill park and I stop the car and too her to get out and we set on the bench and talked she said I am trying to run her life and control her I say listen I am trying to show you how to have a life,you can’t be running the street and you got two kids when you had those kids your life was over until they are grown so yeh you can’t. be going out until your business at home is tooken care of,but I never knew she was smoking dope,and it never dawn on me whenever I got new dope and cut it up and put it to the side for the block,it was always coming up short and I am thinking I know I didn’t give out no deals,so I thought Fat Terry was playing me because three days in a roll I got 3 Oz’s from him and my money wasn’t right,I mean the dope was all there but when I sold it my money was never right when I was done,so the next time I went to is house I made him double everything that he had gave me for the last three days for free,,but Tammy thought she was slick,but I did love her and the kids and I took care of my business,every relationship have problems but if you love them then you got to stick it out,anyway we tryed to put the house together, then everybody wanted to come over and knock it,also her so called friends and family always telling me that Tammy didn’t deserve me,I remember her aunti was having a party and we went over her house,I was out on the porch smoking and her aunti came out there talking about ain’t nobody gonna be putting there hands on my niece an didn’t know who she was talking to I thought she was crazy and talking to herself,so I asked her was she alright then she said she was talking to me,I said first of all you don’t know me but my name is Marvin she said hers is Marshall I said I believe in respect and if you gonna disrespect me then you get what you got coming,so we sat out there and talked awhile when it was over with she was talking about she like me and she like that I was a Scorpio and she was one also and said her niece didn’t no what to do with me,and thats what it was with her family and friends,,but the way I seen it nobody wanted us to be together, but every time I look up she was in this nigger face his name was silk,so I did my thing because I knew I was the catch,I told Tammy one day while we was stopped at a stop light,I said listen if you want to leave,leave-she said she didn’t want to leave,so I drove on and we started doing things like a family, going out to eat with the kids and going shopping, kicking it at the park I mean just having fun,I use to be on the block doing my thing she would com on the block everybody would be on the block because we would have dressing contest, and me and Tammy would put it on,they couldn’t touch us,one day me Tammy and Mike is downtown shopping and I am standing there eatin Polish boys seeing how many I can eat,me and Tammy was talking and all of a sudden I was asking her if she wanted to get married she aid yeh and this I 1990 I wasn’t out of jail six month’s but time was going fast,Relina started coming on the block just to make Tammy mad knowing he couldn’t beat Tammy in a fight,but Relina carryed a 357 mag so he thought she was tough,I didn’t give a fuck all I wanted was money,Tammy thought I was fucking Relina an at that time I wasn’t, what I was doing was lining all my ducks up and when I was ready I was going to go in hard,Tammy and my lil’sis would get into so much shit,running up in people house’ beaten them up,one day they beat this dude so bad it hurted me,the next day my sis beat a dude with a 2 by 4 thick wood,,my sister and Tammy had this love hate relationship,to me everybody was playing everybody, but I didn’t give a fuck because I was doing my thing,I really didn’t know what I was doing when it came to taking care of a girlfriend and kids ain’t nobody tell me shit and wasn’t no man In my life to tell me how I was supposed to treat a woman,I jut did whatever,but Truth be told I should of let Tammy go her way because she brought the devil out of me……

DOC #256209

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