Demetrius Clardy Sr.

Who are you? by Demetrius Clardy Sr.

The word “PSYCHE” comes from the Greek word “PSYKHE” meaning the Soul, Mind Spirit, or that invisible entity or Essence which occupies the Physical Body? In PSYCHology, the PSYCHE is defined as the “Center” of Thought, Feeling, and Motivation, Consciously and Unconsciously directing the body’s reactions to its Social and Physical Environment.”
We refer to this Essence as our “Heart”
The Heart is “The center of all physical and spiritual life. It’s the origin of the vigor and sense of physical life, and the seat of our spiritual life”.
The Soul or Spirit is “The fountain and seat of Thoughts, Passions, Desires, Appetites, Affections, Purposes and Endeavors… The Will and Conscience”.
So… It’s in our Heart that we will find our Core Beliefs, Values, Truth and Principles (Faith).

Demetrius R. Clardy Sr.
P.O. Box 120
Lebanon, Oh 45036

email: JPay. com

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