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Page 3, by David Cauthen


Breaking Every Chain, ©
[Originally written 4/25/19]

Page .3.
by ras’ safidi-dawud
ibn eL-sihd negus of RSF,8P.M®


Don’t worry about how I get mind if you aren’t down to come visit me.
I curse in my sermons,
and sag at the parades
cause I ain’t made no secret deals with the Holy SEE.
Islam is my nature, I don’t believe in religion, or even spirituality.
I pray like the witches pray and remain in my naturality.
My Garden is my dreadlocks
And hell naw I ain’t B.G.F.
I plant seeds of Righteous Truth in my mind and disconcern with everything eles.

I ain’t got no kids
and can’t find no woman,
so I’m as close as Allah as most will get.
But as I said earlier on,
in the opening of this poem,
Allah is really a Black Woman.

So how is this conscious collective expression for Breaking Every Chain? Does this distance itself far enough
from the mediocre bourgeoisie popularity Freedom Train??
And I’m well past Thirty,
so don’t say I’m childish,
I’m a grown ass New Afrikan,
Without the leash of a mannish woman to reel me in because she want her sex to be the loudest.

I ain’t picking no cotton
and I ain’t busting no Rocks,
so stop labeling me a motha-fucking slave.
It ain’t a question of economics
that keep us caged,
its the manner in which we inguage.
First amendment
Versus the slave amendment,
but all that shit is is an electorate race.
I’m a New Afrikan autonomous, Separated Naturalist communist.
And the race for color-blindedness ain’t my race.
I ain’t bleaching my truth or forfeiting my light, socialism is the only way.
The African Peoples Socialist Party has done a lot to clear the way,
now it’s time for an African National Prisoners Organization to stand up and air out the space.
And I do just this in everything I do,
by Breaking Every chain.
I confront the serpents and slay my Dragons, keeping the devil in her place.
I don’t sell no drugs and don’t drink no liqure. I control my lustful appetite.
I don’t teach no racism,
I proove we all Black,
created by the Asiatic man.
My praise go to Clarence E. Smith,
who is Father Allah,
creator of the NGE Fam.

Like Bob Marley said, My God is a living Man.
But get out my face and tell your chick to come here
cause I ain’t laying in bed with no man.
I ain’t no homophobic.
I’m a New Afrikan heterosexual man
And I ain’t ashamed of who I am.
I was raped by my mothers brother as a minor,
Maybe that’s the reason why I am the way I am.
Straight up, unchased
And off the mothafuckin chain Consciously incorporating the real life experiences into Breaking of Every Chain. And I did it all for free,
I wasn’t paid, or hypnotised.
I simply heard the call and got it done, Cause a youthful Earth rules the skies. And I’ll do it again
If she makes the mention.
But to be fully honest I’m the pet they wanna keep on the chain.

They are We,
my own damn people
who tell me I can’t say “Niggas” names.
Those upper class rich Obama Mothafuckas who unknown the truth of Negus past.
The college students who bleach their lessons and graft their answers from the hood facts.
They graduate at the top of their class And preach the white woman is just mis-understood.
Yea, I read that book too,
‘The New Jim Crow,
I even wrote a book review.
But I know for a fact, Thurgood Marshall Didn’t teach Michelle Alexander to tell the truth.
Law and Order ain’t Law and Order,
And ICE T ain’t ICE -Tea.
Most times we our own worse enemy, because we auditioning for T.V.

I do it for the youth cause nobody did it for me.
Go hard and never give up.
I sacrifice my after life for every minor thats been child abused.
I’m the face of the real Child Protection Service
And I ain’t employed for doing what I do. I’m the face of a real God-Father
Because I Father societies lost sons.
These orphan boys america locks away??
I’m the one who restores their joy.
And I do it from being a Brother Of the Struggle,
Raising societies children as if they were my own.
The definition of a real Godfather. Breaking Every Chain
All on H.I.S Own.

Page/ Blog .3.

David S. Cauthen, Jr. / M.K.G.Supreme
Satf- Cor D3:144
P.o. Box 5242
Corcoran, Ca. 93216

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